The spotlight series: cop26 at malin

The Malin Group worked with an array of outstanding partners, to deliver a series of highly focused, business-led events crafted to create a forum for business leaders and visionaries alike to identify the issues and investigate the possible progressive solutions required to meet those mandated targets.  The programme of events focused on innovation, industry trends, industrial practices and technological developments, and delivered a set of goals that together we will be working to achieve.


programme outline

charging to true zero

 ZESTAs Ship ZERO° laid out a course to true zero emissions using the waypoints of existing technologies and innovations, combining perspectives and experiences from a wide range of industry stakeholders to plot a course through the stormy seas of regulation, finance, new technological developments and fuel uncertainty. The deliverable was a collaborative and interactive navigational chart (‘Charging to True Zero°’), which was shared with COP26 delegates, shipping and energy industry stakeholders as well as delivered to the IMO, in both written report and film formats.

Featuring a wealth of international speakers, interactive sessions and keynote address from Peter Thomson.

offshore renewables

Partnering with Mainstream and the Global Wind Energy Council, the conference saw key industry stakeholders, global and regional (Scotland and UK) come together to discuss how offshore wind is the energy system of tomorrow and will be the backbone to a new power system.  It featured slots hosted by the Global Wind Energy Council discussing emerging markets and the role of new technologies and SuperNode discussed how Scotland could become energy independent and export energy to Europe using a Supergrid.

Scottish Government briefing

The Scottish Government’s ScotWind programme and forthcoming Innovation and Decarbonisation Rounds will place Scotland at the forefront of offshore wind innovation and deployment on a global scale. With the Committee on Climate Change estimating that over 100GW of offshore wind will be required to meet the UK’s net zero commitments, the development and accelerated deployment of floating offshore wind is particularly key to unlocking our potential.

We were delighted to be joined by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, as she set out Scotland’s ambitions in floating offshore wind, and how industry leaders should respond to the challenge and opportunity.

the blue economy

In collaboration with NHS Ocean and partnering with Lloyd’s Register, this conference discussed the urgent need for stakeholders in all sectors to commit to building resilient and sustainable supply chains during international climate change summit COP26.

A panel of speakers from different stakeholder groups debated and discussed why and how we need sustainable supply chains from their own perspectives – and agreed actions that need to be taken now to facilitate meaningful change.

Panellists from NHS Oceans, who discussed the need to procure medical equipment and goods more sustainably as well as the ocean’s essential role in human health and wellbeing, Lloyd’s Register Foundation who talked about ‘ocean citizenship’ and the High Level Climate Champions shipping lead who emphasised the need for urgent collaboration and commitment to zero carbon shipping.

operation zero

This event officially launched Operation Zero and unveiled the initial cohort of businesses participating in the initiative. The event also acted as a celebration of the good work that is already being done – in the spirit of Operation Zero – to decarbonise the O&M sector, and provided a forum for collaborative discussion between industry leaders at COP26.

shipping post cop26

This session covered climate actions being taken in the wider global economy; how shipping’s existing decarbonization plans fit with ever-increasing ambition; and how we can both drive down short-term emissions to stay within the goals of the Paris Accord and make the longer term system transition to a net zero future.

Working with the UN’s Global Action Plan for Transport as a guide, International Futures Forum facilitated a deep dive into what’s missing in order to release the potential for urgent change within the sector.   They identified tangible, immediate actions , as well as discovering potential avenues for further exploration together. 


the pivot project

The It’s Time to Pivot event explored the potential for diverse collaborations of people from around the world to use systems thinking and modelling and AI-based research tools to help communities become more sustainable and to help guide policymakers.

The event encouraged anyone who is interested ,to contribute to the discussion and help shape the future of society. It  concluded with a book signing by the moderator, Stephen Hamm, author of The Pivot: Addressing Global Problems Through Local Action, which follows the journey of Pivot Projects and was published by Columbia University Press.

the hackathon

We partnered with Young Enterprise Scotland and My Climate Path, to host a ‘hackathon’, enabling a selection of primary and secondary school pupils to tackle a shipping related challenge. The children were mentored by a selection of marine experts as well as YES; they then presented their fantastic, creative solutions to a panel of guest judges. All school pupils taking part were also offered the opportunity to share their hopes and aspirations for #cop26glasgow.