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Malin Equipment: expertise in bespoke equipment design and consultancy progressive solutions

Malin Equipment offers a range of commercial off the shelf marine equipment, both proprietary and manufactured under license.

Access to other Group design resources, combined with the team’s extensive experience  means that we are on hand to offer customised solutions for your equipment requirements. 

Our equipment range spans a diverse set of bespoke and off the shelf equipment options, ranging from ramps and keel blocks, to submarine operational support and rescue.


keel blocks

We offer an innovative, hydraulically operated keel block. This innovative design is specifically designed to ensure that the keel loading can be accurately reintroduced following the reinstatement of each block. This means that blocks may be individually moved, whilst finishing is undertaken, to then be moved back easily and with precision.
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Buoyancy Assist Module (BAM)

The Buoyancy Assist Module (BAM) is a 400 tonne, 27m long catamaran designed to provide additional buoyancy to the forthcoming Dreadnought submarine class.
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transport cradles

Whether building and launching a vessel, or successfully transporting out of gauge cargo, transportation cradles represent a key component. The bespoke design of the cradles, reflective of your vessel or cargo, can be fundamental in the success and safety of these operations.
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We offer new and replacement bespoke ramps, with a commitment to create solutions that improve ramp operating speeds, slipway operations, and the overall embarkation and disembarkation process.
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Malin Equipment offer expertise and experience across a range of sectors and specialism, with a proven track record of delivering value add bespoke equipment solutions. 

Equipment to us is more than the simple supply of off the shelf items. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team of engineers assess your needs and propose optimum solutions. All initial consultations are free of charge – simply contact us to find out more.