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Malin Abram: specialists in complex marine lifting

The Malin Abram team are known for their exceptional capabilities in delivering complex marine lifting projects. With years of experience and expertise in the field, we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Whether it’s lifting heavy machinery, equipment (for example the SDS module), or structures (like the Tay Whale), we have the knowledge and resources to handle any challenging project. Our team of skilled professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of heavy lifting , and with preferred relationships with a diverse range of equipment owners, we are able to secure the best, most cost effective solutions for clients, to ensure safe and efficient operations. From planning and execution, to monitoring and control, the team leave no stone unturned in ensuring the success of each project they undertake. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart, making them the go-to choice for clients seeking reliable and effective solutions. With Malin Abram, clients can rest assured that their complex marine lifting projects will be carried out with precision, expertise, and utmost professionalism.

our case studies

wellsafe guardian lift


Client: Well-Safe Solutions | Completed: June 2023 | Cargo: SDS Module for Well-safe Guardian
Malin Abram successfully completed the load-out, transportation and installation of the Saturation Dive Spread (SDS) module to the Well-Safe Guardian. The project featured a number of complex and interesting heavy lift challenges, which the Malin Abram team overcame, working in partnership with all at Well-Safe.The SDS module was loaded onto a cargo barge, using SPMTs, at it’s build location in Burntisland. The barge and module were then towed to the Port of Rosyth, where they were joined by a sheerleg crane. A test lift was conducted alongside the quay, for final checks prior to the final installation lift.
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Client: Lee Simmons | Completed: November 2022 | Cargo: Tay Whale sculpture
This unique project involved the transportation of a Whale Sculpture, The Tay Whale, designed by respected artist and sculptor Lee Simmons and fabricated by Littlehampton Welding Ltd. (LWL). The cargo was to be transported from Littlehampton to Dundee Waterfront, forming an integral component of the large civic works which are currently underway at the V&A Museum, to create a central hub for locals and tourists alike.This project was, on the surface, an example of a typical cargo transportation project, however this was complicated by the nature of the cargo and the loading and discharge locations.
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Malin Abram redefine what you can expect from a heavy lift partner. We offer project management expertise in the area of transportation, no matter how specialist, as well as a full range of technical services.

Heavy lift to us is more than the operational side of supplying cranes, ships, barges and heavy haulage. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team of engineers assess your needs and propose optimum solutions – simply contact us to find out more.