John Tracey Specialist Welding

We offer clients a fully comprehensive welding service, from welding inspection to consultancy, 24 hours a day. With a commitment to the use of the latest techniques, we continually invest in ongoing training and development, from metallurgical compatibility of new materials and new welding rods, to new procedures and new test techniques.

We offer over 200 qualified weld procedures, covering a range of exotic materials including fine grain, high strength steels, aluminium, stainless steel, super duplex, titanium and cunifer. Our welding capabilities include:
» 111 – MMA
» 135 – GMAW
» 136 – FCAW
» 141 – TIG

This expansive range of procedures ensures that we provide clients with the most effective solution to meet their needs.

Malin Group
Pic Peter Devlin
Malin Group
Pic Peter Devlin

We have a wide range of respected clients

Having used John Tracey Specialist Welding Ltd for over 15 years, I am very impressed by the level of knowledge and experience that they offer to our company. Their knowledge in producing specific welding procedures to meet all welding standards removes the burden of error when interpreting customer requirements.’
Alan Tomkinson
Nufab Engineering Ltd.
‘John Tracey Specialist Welding always deliver a top class service that has been tailored to our exact needs.’
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

A respected training provider

Recognised as one of the leading independent companies in Welder Training, Testing and Certification, all
graduates from our training courses receive endorsement and certification by Lloyds Register, Det Norske
Veritas, A.O.T.C. and other internationally recognised authorities.

Our range of specialist welding training courses are structured to give the maximum practical benefit to the trainees; they are delivered by experienced welders and overseen by fully qualified inspectors. Our training school has been approved by the Engineering Industries Training Board for Manual Metal Arc Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, Metal Inert Gas Welding, Metal Active Gas Welding and Flux Core Arc Welding.

All of our training courses use MMA, TIG, MIG / MAG and FCAW welding procedures qualified to ISO 15614 – and all graduates are qualified to ISO 9606.

‘John Tracey has a worldwide reputation and companies know that if you’re John Tracey certified, you’re trusted. As a welder, you need to show that you are trained and tested to very specific standards and that’s the same regardless of where you are in your welding career.’
Paul Flynn
30,000th graduate of JTSW


Normal metals standard grades of steel, aluminium copper etc, are more easily available and straight forward to weld. Exotic metals are alloys, each with their considerations to ensure a good weld in accordance with the weld procedure.

Exotic metals that we can weld at JTSW include:
• Aluminium
• Nickel
• Chromium
• Inconel
• Titanium

With the right weld procedures in place the following metals could also be welded as the team have the competency.

• Cobalt
• Copper
• Hastelloy
• Mercury (element) (aka quicksilver, hydrargyrum)
• Molybdenum
• Monel
• Platinum
• Tantalum
• Tungsten
• Waspaloy

As part of our top tips series, we will be undertaking a Q&A with Paul Flynn – an experienced Supervisor at John Tracey Specialist Welding, each month, focusing on the range of exotic metals the team work with.