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Malin Abram: specialists in warranty 3rd party services

When it comes to the marine heavy lift sector, Malin Abram stands out as the specialists in warranty and 3rd party services. With their expertise and extensive knowledge in the industry, they provide unparalleled support and solutions to ensure smooth operations and minimise risks for their clients. Malin Abram understands the unique challenges and complexities that come with heavy lift operations, and they offer comprehensive warranty services that cover equipment, materials, and workmanship. Their team of experienced professionals conducts thorough inspections and assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Additionally, they offer third-party services that include risk assessments, project management, and quality control to ensure the success and safety of marine heavy lift projects. With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Malin Abram has established a reputation as a trusted partner in the marine heavy lift sector.

our case studies


Client: Transmodal | Completed: December 2022 | Location: Tarragona & Rotterdam
Malin Abram were contracted to provide marine assurance surveys for the transportation of refinery modules. The refinery modules were fabricated by Schwartz-Hautmont for Fluor as part of the Exxon Mobile expansion project at the Esso Refinery in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
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Client: Bertling | Completed: December 2022 | Cargo: 900Te Off Pressure Vessels
Malin Abram provided engineering assistance for the transportation of 4 off pressure vessels on 2 off sister barges.
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Client: SSE | Completed: November 2018 | Cargo: 4 off tower sections (100-125 Te) and 3 off blades, hub and Nacelle (26 Te, 92 Te and 228 Te respectively)
We were priviliged to provide third party review of technical documentation and site attendance covering lifting operations during the offload of wind turbine sections from 2 off coaster vessels at Hunterston, UK.
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3rd party assurance

Client: Linde | Completed: November 2012 | Location: Masan, South Korea
Malin Abram were to act as third party surveyor looking after Linde needs during the heavy lift, securing and transhipment operations in Masan, S. Korea.Malin Abram’s extensive experience in barge operations, barge towage and marine transportation helped to influence the transport engineering to ensure safe and timely delivery of all cargo.
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Malin Abram redefine what you can expect from a heavy lift partner. We offer project management expertise in the area of transportation, no matter how specialist, as well as a full range of technical services.

Heavy lift to us is more than the operational side of supplying cranes, ships, barges and heavy haulage. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team of engineers assess your needs and propose optimum solutions – simply contact us to find out more.