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The Scottish Marine Technology Park (SMTP) will bring together world-leading innovators in the marine industry to collaborate and further marine manufacturing in the UK and beyond. With a focus on collaboration between ambitious marine related companies and academia, SMTP aims to address current capacity issues by reinvigorating shipbuilding and renewable industries on the banks of the Clyde, creating high quality jobs in the marine manufacturing and renewable sector whilst future-proofing for future generations.

To achieve this ambitious vision, the development is being led by Malin Group in collaboration with partners, stakeholders and funders.

As a nation with a proud maritime reputation, Scotland has an exceptionally strong tradition of shipbuilding and marine engineering, with the river Clyde the leading shipbuilding centre of the world for many years. Gradually, over the decades, that status declined for a number of reasons. This persisted for too long and led to insufficient attention being paid to the significant opportunities which still exist – and are now more relevant than ever.

The Scottish Marine Technology Park represents a shared vision to set a new course for the Clyde and marine manufacturing more generally; whilst setting a global example for the marine sector by showcasing a more sustainable, responsible and innovative way of collaborating to use the latest research and technology to manufacture in a better way, in a cleaner, greener way, making companies more productive and more sustainable.

The SMTP represents an opportunity for funders, stakeholders, businesses and their supply chains across the marine sector, as well as the wider community, to come together to co-create a vision that will change the sector for generations to come.

benefits and outcomes

A recent economic study, conducted by Stantec (2020), suggests that the SMTP will create hundreds of new jobs and generate an additional £125million each year to the local economy whilst supporting and reinvigorating Scotland’s capabilities across the marine manufacturing and renewable sectors.

With every aspect of SMTP focused on a net zero future, the park will create a sustainable environment which fosters collaboration, enabling organisations to work together to develop new ways of working, where technology is harnessed to create efficiencies and drive forward the marine manufacturing industry. New and often previously unimagined roles will be accessible to local communities and future generations, whilst also attracting new organisations to the park to help create a thriving, inclusive and progressive community to work, learn and live in.

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