Our story: A family firm, committed to progressive solutions and the regeneration of the Clyde!

our commitment to the clyde

The firm’s history is very closely tied with the Clyde, and we are passionate about continuing to support growth here – from supporting the next generation of engineers through Malin Young Engineers and Careers on the Clyde, to the Scottish Marine Technology Park, our ambitious vision to create a self-sustaining eco-system designed to reinvigorate shipbuilding and renewable industries on the banks of the Clyde – and beyond.

our history

Malin Abram this year celebrate their 125-year anniversary, with roots dating back to 1899 with the founding of Henry Abram & Sons by Henry Abram. Of course it was not called Henry Abram and Sons then, but rather the Steamship Strathlevel Co. Ltd, reflective of the ship owing nature of the business – with the flagship vessel the Strathleven. What followed was a number of subsequent companies, reflective of changing vessel ownership and diversification, namely the Steamship Colina, Kyle Shipping Co and then Abram S. S. Co. Ltd in 1919. Across this time the company had owned a number of vessels, from the iron steamer Stathleven, the Kylerea, the Kyleakin, Kyleness and Kylemhor

The company then diversified into ship delivery commenced in the 1930s. Henry Abram & Sons successfully  turnkey managed the delivery of over 300 vessels, from Glasgow to locations across the world, between 1928 and 1964. As emerging economies developed and built the infrastructure required to build and maintain vessels, Henry Abram were on hand to ship existing vessels which would then drive local (and indeed national) economies in the interim. The Bucaneer, The Jaunless Star, The Absalon are to name just a few, travelling to Columbia, Japan, America, New Zealand…across the world, with experienced crews supplied and trained by the Abram’s firm. 

Before emerging countries developed the infrastructure and skills base required to build ships, Henry Abram Ltd were on hand to deliver existing vessels to them, which would then help drive their economies in the interim. The business would manage and arrange everything required to deliver the ship from its home port to its new owners. This included supplying the crew, the provisions and the support required to deliver a vessel.


Ships were delivered to places as far away as Australia, South America and Japan. So the journeys were long and arduous, requiring skilled crew as often the ships delivered were not ocean going. In addition, many port calls were required to re-fuel and re-provision, all planned and managed by the business. Tasks also included repatriating the delivery crew back to the UK, which in the early half of the 20th Century was not as straight forward as it would be these days.

As we enter the 1970s vessel delivery volumes slowly declined as UK based builds dwindled, and increasing numbers of vessels were built in country. As a response, Henry Abram & Sons  firmly entered into the field of heavy lift transportation, carving themselves as a trusted service. Over the next 40 years and beyond, the firm built their portfolio, client base and reputation in this area – from the ‘big blue golf ball,’ 75 voyages for Babcock for the Drax power station, the turnkey Troll project, and transportation of numerous out of gauge or unusual cargo. Each of these interesting scopes offered the team the opportunity to bring their expertise and experience in providing bespoke solutions to the fore – a skill they have continued to develop across the decades!

As we turn to the noughties and beyond, continued success  for Malin Abram enabled diversification for the group, with increased work across new sectors. This included the successful build and finish of the Archimedes Waveswing for AWS and Wave Energy Scotland, as well as countless coaster shipments and the award of the roll-out and float-off of HMS Glasgow. This also resulted in a diversified  offering and the birth of Equipment, Consultancy and Specialist Welding services. As a result, we may now offer a full end to end offering to clients, from feasibility and concept design, through fabrication and finishing, to delivery and installation. 

our home...

The Group are also very lucky to be based in the South Rotunda, on the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow. Over the years, this iconic building has served many functions including an ice cream parlour during the famous Glasgow Garden Festival and The “Dome of Discovery”, which was funded by Glasgow City Council and BP Exploration to celebrate the scientific and industrial culture of the city. The building was subsequently used by the National Theatre of Scotland, utilising the space as a pop-up arts venue, forming a key part of the  Glasgow’s 2014 Cultural Programme and Commonwealth Games. The Malin Group acquired the rotunda in 2015, working over 3 years to bring it back to it’s former glory. 

A building steeped in history, reinvigorated for a modern, innovative office space, this building is the perfect home for the Malin Group.