Malin Fabrication

With a total under cover production area of over 200,000 square feet, we offer one of the largest fabrication facilities in Scotland.

We provide a competitive and cost effective service for a range of fabrication sizes. Our clients benefit from our ability to scale to the demands of the project, whether this involves pre-project consultation including design services, or simply build to print.

Our facilities include:

  • A large undercover area of 200,000m2 supported by craneage in the form of both 500 tonnes and 100 tonne gantry cranes with an under hook height of 23m, two 50Te and one 10Te overhead  
  • Plant and machinery from pipe work formers and notching machines, to plasma profiling and drilling machines.
  • Exotic material welding services plus mig, tig and stick welding depending on your specific requirements.
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) capabilities, with ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penitrant inspection and qualified CSWIP 3.1 welding inspection.
  • 24-hour manned gatehouse with sophisticated computer aided barrier entry/exit systems, CCTV monitoring and mobile patrols, which operate within our fully secure site.
  • The site and business unit are accredited with “Secure by Design”, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 1090-1 Execution Class 4 and ISO 3834-2.


Through the services above, we are able to deliver a wide range of projects. We have experience in house of fabricating a wide range of heavy lift steelwork, from small sea fastenings, braces, deck grillages, load spreading mats and lifting beams, through to the design and outfit of larger, more complex mechanical handling equipment.

Our site dimensions

Units F6, 7 & 8 Spec (each)

Length (m) 190
Breadth (m) 20
Area (m2) 3,800
Main bay door height x width (m) 18.0 x 10.0
Side door height x width (m) 8.7 x 7.2
Crane hook height 50Te (m) 9.2
Crane hook height 10Te (m) 9.2

Crane capacity & capability
Crane capacity
Crane 1 = 50Te (m)
Crane 2 = 50Te (m)
Crane 3 = 10Te (m)
Crane 4 = 10Te (m)
Crane 5 = 16Te (m)
Plus access to G2 with 30m craneage height and 500Te capacity
Mobile capacity

1 x 3.5Te front loading fork truck


Warehouse Space 5,536m2
Office Space 737m2
Overhead Crane 1 x 500Te
Hook Height 23m
Overhead Crane 1 x 100Te
Hook Height 15m
Main Bay Door 15.58m x 14.83m
2 x Side Door 9.11m x 8.8m
Roof Ridge Height 35.40m
Roof Eave Height 32.41m

Dock facility
Loadouts of components too large for road transport
Max vessel dimensions
LOA 80m
B 24m
D 3.5m

A truly holistic design & fabrication service.