The role of Graphic Designer within the Malin Group is challenging, fulfilling – and fun, enabling me to express my creative abilities on a daily basis. It is one of the main reasons as to why I love my job as much as I do. My day begins with a run through with the Group Brand Manager – to outline what’s on the docket for the day and recapping on our priorities for the week. Another reason I love my job is the variety – on any given day I am involved in a myriad of different activities – from designing/typesetting a brochure for one of our business units, or the impartial heavy lift magazine; to designing graphics for our social media channels, or indeed going out on site and capturing footage of one of our exciting projects and then editing to create a project overview video… there is never a dull moment!

My role fills with me with a great sense of pride, as I’m part of a team which showcases the Groups innovative energy and engineering expertise across a wide variety of projects. This range feeds my drive, pushing me to create the most engaging, impactful designs. I am lucky to work in a continually evolving sector which in turn, grants me the opportunity to enhance my current skills and talents on a regular basis, as well as keeping up with the latest design trends. As the world is steadily moving towards more digital based content, I am becoming a multi-disciplined designer which offers an exciting challenge.

As the day winds to an end, and I close down the Adobe suite, I’ll plan and organise for the following day, responding to any emails and updating our brand department activities spreadsheet etc. If I’ve encountered a creative block at any point, I make sure to jot down some notes and tackle them with a fresh pair of eyes the following day. It’s during this time I often take time to reflect on the day, reflecting on what has worked well, and where there is room to develop and grow – and the great thing with my role, is that it constantly permits me to do so!