celebrating international women in engineering!

A number of our staff were  lucky to recently attend an event by Scottish Engineering celebrating International Women in Engineering Day. Today, and everyday, we are proud to celebrate women in engineering and encourage more to join!

Here, women across the Malin Group talk about their hopes for the future of the industry. The Marine Engineering sector continues to be male dominated, however we appreciate that all that work in this area have a role to play in making a change and having their voice. 

‘Diversity in the workplace has progressed massively over the years, however we still have a long way to go. Bernie O’Neil, Scottish Engineering President, told a story of when a male colleague asked, ‘why is there not a day where men are specifically recognised in engineering’, to which Bernie replied, ‘every day is a man’s day’. This has really stuck with me and shows that unconscious bias unfortunately still exists. From someone who has not come from a technical engineering background I am proud to work within the industry and will continue to fly the flag and raise awareness for future female generations to come.

Jennifer Cowan, Group HR Manager

‘After attending a recent networking event that celebrated ‘International Women in Engineering’- I was struck by a reflection buy one of the speakers, that the male voice is often heard over a female’s opinion and guidance. This stigma of engineering being a male dominated area of expertise is severely outdated, and not helpful in driving the evolution required. We need to listen to every voice and have the awareness that diversity goes beyond gender alone. It is built on unique perspectives, backgrounds and talents from each team member.

Laura Henderson, Sales  Support and Market Insight Executive

To mark International Women in Engineering Day, I am proud to celebrate the vital contributions of women in welding and fabrication across the marine, nuclear, and construction sectors. Our expertise enhances the efficiency and durability of vessels, ensures the safety of nuclear facilities, and shapes the skyline with resilient and sustainable structures in construction. Our innovation and skill prove that our industry is truly enhanced by engineering. Together, we will forge a future where diversity drives progress and excellence.’

Lindsey Jessop, Managing Director, JTSW

‘Claudia Brind noted that, ‘Inclusivity means not ‘just we’re allowed to be there,’ but we are valued. I’ve always said: smart teams will do amazing things, but truly diverse teams will do impossible things.’ That sentiment really hits home! The thought of increased diversity across industry generally, but within engineering specifically, is very exciting. Diversity in terms of demographics, but also diversity of characteristics and experiences…and when mixed with true curiosity and a desire to learn, grow and progress within individuals and organisations, that is a future I want to be a part of!

Helenor Fisher, Marketing & Business Development Director

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, I am passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion within engineering. I want to see a more balanced representation of women and other underrepresented groups in engineering roles. This includes advocating for mentorship programs, and initiatives that encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM.

For the industry, I see a future where engineering continuously evolves to address the pressing challenges of our time, particularly in areas like sustainability, renewable energy, and smart technologies. I have no doubt that engineering has the potential to create solutions that not only meet technical needs but also promote environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

I want to be part of a collaborative and forward-thinking engineering community that values diverse perspectives and fosters an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to groundbreaking innovations.’

Amber Lithgow, Graduate Mechanical Engineer

‘I’d love to see more women and young girls encouraged and supported to take STEM subjects in school and go on to have successful careers in STEM industries. Women can bring different problem-solving skills and organised thinking to the table, and this can help to change the culture and dynamic of all male teams.

Audrey McHugh, Office Manager, South Rotunda

‘I am a true believer that if we start at the early stages of education, encouraging young females to join and develop within the engineering sector. Showcasing first-hand that this isn’t “a man’s job”, through time this will diversify the workplace. STEM plays a very important place from the outset.’

Nikki Duncan, Office Manager, Renfrew

We are passionate about supporting the next generation of young people in getting involved in engineering. You can find out more and download our range of free resource below.