Our very own Malin Marine Services, marine engineering specialists, have completed an exciting project for leading civil engineer contractors, George Leslie. The project, which commenced last July focused on the restoration of the iconic Tidal Weir. Originally constructed in 1901 and located at Glasgow Green, it is formed of a three-gate weir, designed to control the upstream water level at high tide. It forms an important part of Glasgow’s infrastructure network and is essential to maintaining the water level of the River Clyde. The Weir stabilises the upstream banking of the River Clyde by maintaining a fixed water level, creating a deep, wide channel of water through Glasgow Green.

Due to a malfunction of the North Gate in 2017, various parts of the North end of the structure were damaged. This damage, along with time and adverse weather conditions having taken their toll, signalling the need for the restoration and replacement of a number of the steel rivetted and cast-iron elements.

The Malin team, based in Renfrew, first completed a full 3D laser scan of the existing structure before designing and manufacturing a series of new parts. Some parts were fabricated, others cast from new patterns, and some machined to achieve the required tolerances and fits. All elements had to be engineered to ensure they were at least as strong, if not stronger and more durable than the originals. Once the components had been manufactured, Malin undertook a black build, where prior to painting sub-assemblies were trial fitted to save time and potential rework on site, prior to installation.  

When the gate was lifted and North carriage removed late last year, both operations however uncovered additional legacy damage, which then had to be added to the scope. The additional emergent works including faceplate replacement, suspension gears and staunching equipment, which are now finished, with the exception of the bottom skirting, which will be installed in April after George Leslie complete some essential works. With installation complete, it will be great to see the North Gate of the weir back in use, restored to its former glory.

Ben Sharples, Director of Malin Marine Equipment stated, ‘it has been fantastic collaborating with George Leslie on such an interesting project, working to unravel the nuances of the original Victorian design, whilst innovating using modern materials and manufacturing process to provide an effective, efficient, more durable solution. The whole team has worked thoughtfully to restore this iconic functional piece of Glasgow engineering architecture – It has been a most challenging yet rewarding feat.’