here to offer specialist heavy lift support

Our specialist Malin Abram team, are on hand to support any heavy lift project.

Through feasibility studies, we work with clients pre-tender to identify optimum solutions for handling, movement, lifting, shipping and installation. This significantly de-risks the tender phase by solving many operational issues at the earliest stage.

We can offer full turnkey pricing on all heavy lift projects, with the scope tailored fully to meet your needs. We can complete all operations on your behalf, from hiring all equipment, as well as assessing the integrity of the equipment for handling. You may require third party review of shipping, craneage and heavy trailer operations and engineering, and we are on hand to help with this. In addition we can offer expertise in design, build and installation. This is teamed with full integrated project management of all services provided by all contractors involved in the heavy lift operation.

Plus, as part of the wider Malin Group, Malin Abram may offer a truly turnkey offering, with specialisms spanning design and fabrication, to specialist welding and transportation – not to mention project management, 3rd party warranty support and site supervision.

Our head offices are based in the iconic South Rotunda, with a dedicated fabrication facility in Renfrew, one of the largest in Scotland.  We are also equip to establish satellite offices for specific projects, for example we have recently set up a dedicated team in Burntisland for our project with Well-Safe Solutions.



The Malin Abram team were delighted to successfully carry out a full turnkey project for EFAB Industrial Solutions Limited (EFAB), on behalf of their client Ensus UK Ltd. EFAB were contracted by Ensus UK Ltd to build a new caustic tank for the Ensus site in Middlesbrough. Ensus operates one of Europe’s largest production plants for renewable ethanol at Wilton on Teesside in Northeast England.

Malin Abram were brought on board to manage the transportation of the new tank from EFAB’s facility in Immingham to the Ensus site, as well as the safe and efficient removal of the existing tank. This represented a relatively complex scope, with lots of moving parts owing to the need to transport by land and sea, and the number of parties involved. Indeed, this multi-faceted project required expert co-ordination from a project management perspective ensuring that all key services were aligned, including mobile craneage, port craneage, road haulage, coaster vessel chartering, Police, Network Rail, and removal of street furniture to make it all possible. The project also represented the first with a new client, EFAB, and whilst the project had its challenges, the old tank was removed, and the new tank installed safely and successfully.