Fergus Pottinger, 3D CAD/Modelling Engineer

Whilst each morning may start with a coffee and the daily Skunks team meeting, no two days have been the same! My role is incredibly varied, and it certainly keeps me on my toes.

The majority of my role sits under the Malin Skunks, a close-knit, specialist team focused on investigating and developing new innovation within our industry. This provides fantastic variety, with projects ranging from anything between a simple structural model for a presentation to a concept heavy lift autonomous drone design looking 30 years into the future.

A typical day involves the creation or interrogation of 3D models to use in a multitude of projects. It is also very common for me to be using my creative flare to create informative and eye catching renders to use throughout the business. These can be anything from initial explanatory images, to final product renders or heavy lift operation animations.

With this varied task list, I am always developing my 3D skill set, allowing me to continually develop, innovate and progress . I am very lucky that my role enables me to develop my skills on a daily basis, as well as challenge and apply them regularly, in ways I never expected.

I adore my role here at Malin as no two hours, let alone days, are the same. It is an everchanging landscape with innovation always peaking its head over the horizon, and I am very grateful I am one of the people chasing it.