business development takes a boost with marc mcginley joining malin abram

Our heavy lift specialist business unit, Malin Abram are well known in the market, having worked across the oil and gas, renewables, nuclear and defence sector, with a range of clients across the world. The team have deployed their expertise on a variety of scopes, from the the float-off of the Queen Elizabeth, to the roll-out and float out of HMS Glasgow first in class, transportation of the Tay Whale and most recently, the load-out and installation of the Saturation Dive Spread (SDS) module for Well-Safe Solutions.

The team have recently been joined by Marc McGinley, a seasoned Business Development executive, who has a passion for renewables and all things marine. Here Marc talks a little more on what brought him to Malin, what he is most excited about and what the next few months may look like.

“Prior to joining Malin Abram, I worked for a number of years within recruitment and client services, specialising in the Offshore Energy sector. This combined with my time at university, cemented my passion for all things renewable. I was therefore really excited about joining the Group, and the opportunity it provided to work alongside likeminded, innovation focused individuals. They clearly hold a key role within an industry which is growing rapidly, and the chance to play a key role in this is extremely appealing and exciting.

One of my main interests, and, ironically, one of my largest concerns is the myriad of challenges facing the supply chain for offshore projects, ranging from global demand and capacity constraints to the logistic and transportation challenges, and regulatory and permitting delays. Until there is agreement around each of these areas, and streamlining of the supporting policies and processes, we will be far behind our net zero targets. I am therefore very excited to now be working for a company who have the drive and ability to help alleviate these concerns for our clients. 

Within the marine industry overall, there is an increased, and well welcomed, focus on the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Many oil and gas companies are diversifying their portfolios to include renewable energy projects, acknowledging the global push for reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change concerns. We all have our part to play in this, and am heartened by the journey Malin has forged to date; one that I am passionate about following for them.

I am particularly excited to see the ingenuity and advancement in technology across the industry, that not only leads to cost reduction, but also increased capacity and efficiency. Floating wind, energy storage integration, increased grid capacity, to name a few, are exciting advancements in harnessing the world’s power in a sustainable way. I am very positive about the opportunities these new technologies also have in changing the industry for the better, and for the support Malin Abram and the wider group can do to test, transport and install them going forward.”