Malin Abram supports BAE Systems and UK Royal Navy on the banks of the Clyde: A view from the team

The recent Type 26 float-off with BAE Systems took almost 3 years planning, from initial tender to planning and successful execution – and involved countless staff members, who each contributed to this monumental task. From the tendering team who secured the deal, to the engineers, marketeers, welders and more – our full Malin team each played a part to successfully deliver this project.

You can read our staff stories below.

James Ian Bowie (CMYK)

James Bowie , Engineering Director, has been with Malin Abram for 8 years, first joining a summer intern with Malin Abrams, before gaining a degree in Naval Architecture and joining full time as a graduate. Having successfully worked through the graduate programme and Naval Architect stream he now holds the Engineering Director position in Malin Abram. James has experience in a variety of projects from marine heavy lift transportation to design and manufacture of bespoke jigs and has been involved in major site operations worldwide. He has been involved in the Type 26 project since inception, playing a key role in the bid document, and once the contract was confirmed, the intricate planning and development to ensure the smooth and safe float-off of this majestic vessel.

‘I remember as a small child attending at vessel launch with my dad – and at that time being sure of the career path I wanted to pursue. Despite this early resolve, never did I expect to be leading a team, just a few years later, to successfully and safely float-off the Type 26, first in class for BAE. I am so immensely proud of every one of our team, who have each played their part over the past three years. Watching each bring their expertise to bear, build relationships and create an enviable project team is something I will always recall very fondly. I also hope as people watched the transportation, float-off and subsequent life of the Type 26, some girls and boys may, as I did, resolve to join the industry to make their mark.’


James Parkhouse is a Chartered Engineer and Naval Architect with over 20 years in the maritime industry.  Prior to joining the Malin Group James has worked within ship building, ship repair, maritime regulation and Port Operations sectors within the UK, Europe, and the Far East.  This has given James a diverse range of technical, project and contract management experience.  James’ primary role within Malin Abram is programme management for our major transport projects and the CD01 Barge programme, which of course covers the Type 26 float-off.

‘When I joined Malin, almost a year ago now, I was extremely excited to be leading the CD01 programme, representing as she does, an exciting new capability for the team – and the industry. At 137 metres, she is quite a barge to behold, offering countless possibilities for vessel launches, as well as the offshore renewables and oil and gas sectors. That said, I was blown away seeing her loaded with the Type 26, sailing majestically down the Clyde for float-off – yet I think one of my favourite memories was watching the CD01 safely return post launch, having successfully proven her capability– proud as punch!’


David Cooper  joined Malin Group in 2018, after graduating from the University of Strathclyde with a Masters Degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. With expertise across stability analysis and load-out and float-off operations, alongside a broad understanding of various marine operations, built through his involvement in the OPV programme. David has been involved in the Type 26 project from tender stage primarily responsible for float-off engineering. This included determining the required barge modifications to ensure the barge would remain stable during the float-off. David has played a key role in the Type 26 delivery, notably acting as Barge Master, responsible for the float-off Operation.

“Being responsible for the float-off operation as Barge Master has been the culmination of 3 years of work from initial concept, detailed engineering, barge modifications, barge trials, load-out and float-off. The float-off of HMS Glasgow was the first time the CD01 had been used for a free floating float-off since her modifications but also my first float-off as Barge Master. 

Operations of this nature cannot be completed successfully without considerable team effort. Successfully completing the float-off of the first of class with our own barge will be an experience hard to beat.”


Alan Mundie has recently joined Malin Group as a Senior Project Engineer with a background in the Offshore Renewables, Ship Management, and Oil and Gas sectors.  Prior to joining Malin, he has been involved in a range of projects, including the transport and installation of floating wind turbines, asset management of FPSO’s, and providing warranty services for offshore transports.  Positioned within Malin Abram, he is primarily involved with heavy lift and marine transportation projects.


‘I have recently become a dad for the first time, and it is great to know, that in years to come I will be able to say that I was involved in this iconic project. Working in this industry, I have a passion for encouraging the next generation to join the industry, make their mark and reimagine a marine sector for tomorrow. I hope visible projects, such as this – and the small part I played – encourage others to get involved. And I know my favourite memory hasn’t happened yet – it will be when I get to tell my son all about it in a few years, when he is old enough – I can’t wait!’


Shane Hand brings a range of specialist skills to the team, with over 9 years of naval architecture experience spanning design and consultancy of workboats, passenger ships, fishing boats and more recently some Hydrogen powered vessels. Having grown up around the fishing industry and working on his family passenger ships he has developed a practical knowledge of problem solving. His main areas of experience cover design, specification writing, stability analysis, Class and Flag discussion, skills which earned him the accolade of ‘Young professional green energy awards innovator of the year’ in 2019.

‘Since joining Malin, I have been involved in a variety of scopes, across countries, industries and with many varied clients. It is always difficult to pick a favourite – and I don’t think I ever could, but few projects offer the opportunity to be involved in something so iconic, from inception of the plan to delivery at the yard. Working with my Malin Abram and BAE colleagues on this project has proved to provide invaluable experience, some challenges – but with them, room for development, and a real sense of pride. I have had countless good memories across this project to date, but the best to date was to see her safely sail back to Scotstoun, following our safe, secure load out.’


Aidan Adam is an experienced rigger, having joined the Malin team just over 2 years ago. Aidan has extensive on-site experience, being well versed in navigating often fast paced, hazardous scopes with a keen eye on quality and productivity. Aidan is a key member of the Malin Newbuild team, based at our Westway facility and has worked on numerous high-profile projects, including our project for Hinkley Point C – and most recently Type 26.

‘I have worked on so many projects across the years – and yet this still managed to take my breath away. Undertaking the required rigging and lifting on site to ready the CD01 for the float -off, it was difficult not to be impressed by her sheer size – and the ease by which she seemed to accommodate the Type 26 vessel. The weather in Scotland is never great, and working day and night, in the rain was not always enjoyable, but this was quickly overshadowed as I saw the vessel loaded and subsequently launched. I am very proud to have played my part in this project!’


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Helenor Fisher is the Group Brand Manager, coming to Malin with over 15 years of marketing experience, with a diverse range of skills spanning brand development, copywriting, design, digital and website development, and marketing strategy. Prior to joining the Malin Group, she worked extensively in the Higher Education sector (Glasgow University and Glasgow Caledonian University), involving projects on a worldwide scale, as well as for Skills Development Scotland. Since joining the group, she has worked to build brand awareness, through the creation of digital and hard copy materials, combined with targeted advertising and content marketing. She has been involved in the development of assets and materials for the Type 26 since bid stage.

‘I am pretty sure my kids are not 100% aware of what I do day to day, or most days in fact – but they were suitably impressed when they learned that I was involved in the launch of the Type 26. Yes, they were disappointed I neither directly built nor launched the ship, but as I explained, I instead had the pretty special job of being able to document the full journey, from bid submission to final launch. This has included the design, modification, and delivery of the CD01, as well as viewing the meticulous planning, intricate calculations, and utmost care from the engineering team. Brand development can be a challenge, but at times like these I realise how blessed I am – as the work of the team and their partnership with BAE really does so much of my job for me. Progressive solutions, unwavering expertise and comradery that is second to none – what a team, and what a project!’

The Type 26 contract with BAE was awarded in December 2019 to the Malin Abram team, where they were responsible for the roll-out and float-off of the HMS Glasgow, first in class, using their custom barge, the CD01 – a joint asset with Augustea. You can view details of the barge, including full specifications here