Malin Abram supports WELL-SAFE solutions with the load out of the saturation Dive Spread Module (SDS) for the well-safe guardian

We are delighted to feature our recent turnkey transportation project for Well-Safe Solutions, where we successfully completed the load-out, transportation and installation of the Saturation Dive Spread (SDS) module to the Well-Safe Guardian. The project featured a number of complex and interesting heavy lift challenges, which the Malin Abram team overcame, working in partnership with all at Well-Safe.

The SDS module was loaded onto a cargo barge, using SPMTs, at it’s build location in Burntisland. The barge and module were then towed to the Port of Rosyth, where they were joined by a sheerleg crane. A test lift was conducted alongside the quay, for final checks prior to the final installation lift.

Dive Spread 15.04 (80)

The barge and sheerleg were then mobilised to join the Well-Safe Guardian at M1 anchorage off of Methil. Here the Module was lifted clear of the barge deck by the sheerleg crane and into it’s final position on supports on the deck of the Well-Safe Guardian.

Well-Safe Drone2

Scott Young, Project Manager, Malin Abram: 

“Complex, multi-stage operations require careful project management, from planning stage through to execution. The Well-Safe SDS Module install project consisted of a number of different marine operations, each with their unique requirements for assets, equipment and manpower. The project management challenge lies in bringing together the various stages and plans, to deliver a well coordinated and safe operation. Communication was key on this project, as we had lots of different stakeholders, all with an important part to play at various stages in the operation. The culmination of this effort was the install of the SDS Module to the Well-Safe Guardians deck – a proud moment for everyone on the Malin Abram team!

Well-Safe Drone

Gary Paterson, Managing Director of Malin Abram: 

“The SDS Module installation project is a real demonstration of Malin Abram’s engineering and operational capabilities. Our team showcased their skill and experience, providing safe and practical heavy lift solutions to the project’s challenges. The installation of the of the SDS Module marks a significant milestone for our client; a milestone which we are delighted to have supported them in achieving.”

 You can read more on this project in our full case study.