Lloyd's register reflects on their role in marilight

Malin Marine Consultants led the Marilight project, an innovative initiative funded by the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC). The project aimed to provide the marine industry with a clear route to using Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) for certified and approved component fabrication, moving from conventional, manual fabrication processes to an automated and flexible rapid manufacturing route. Now complete, the project involved a series of complex stages which included the completion of a feasibility study, all early engineering and equipment calibration stages, and the fabrication of the test pieces.

MMC were joined in the project by a host of industry experts, including Altair Engineering, BAE Systems, the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), and Lloyd’s Register. This Friday feature we focus on Lloyd’s Register and the part they play in this exciting scope.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a leading provider of classification and compliance services to the marine and offshore industries, helping clients design, construct, operate, extend and decommission their assets safely and in line with environmental expectations. In the drive for efficiency, sustainability and resilience in the ocean economy, LR’s trusted technical and business advisory services enable businesses to reach their full potential and support organisations to grow and operate safely and sustainably.

marilight additive

Speaking on Lloyd Register’s role in the project, Adam Saxty, Lead Additive Manufacturing Technologist, noted  ‘We were delighted to be involved in this project, acting as a regulatory assessor, and ensuring that the printed components met the technical standards and performance requirements. LR achieved this by specifying testing requirements, overseeing the printing and testing, and reviewing and accepting test results. They also produced a framework for regulatory approval, which allows the acceptance of structural ship components manufactured using Large Scale Additive Manufacturing.

 LR intends to use the lessons learnt within the MariLight project to evolve its additive manufacturing certification services for the marine and offshore industries.”

You can read more on the MariLight project, our other partner organisations, and the next stages below.

Adam Saxty, Lead Additive Manufacturing Technologist