Scottish Marine Technology Park Plans Flood Forward with Appointment of ACS

Development on the Scottish Marine Technology Park (SMTP), has taken another important step forward, with the commencement of construction of a flood compensatory basin at the Old Kilpatrick site.

Groundworks and civil engineering specialists, Advance Construction Scotland, have been appointed to carry out these works.

The proposed SMTP site consists of almost 50 acres of developable space which will have direct access to the deep-water channel via a heavy lift quay. It will provide a unique environment for world-leading innovators in the marine industry to co-locate and collaborate to reinvigorate the shipbuilding and renewable industries on the banks of the Clyde.

Envisaged to be one of the first occupiers on the site, Malin Group have already successfully secured planning consent for a facility to host their specialist fabrication, welding and priming and finishing business units at the west end of the site.


As this part of the site is located on a current floodplain, the newly constructed basin will work to replace the existing floodplain, and will lay the foundations for planning and construction of the new, larger facilities. The works also include the establishment of a perimeter track and landscaping, to create a nature walkway, allowing access to the riverside for local residents, whilst the rest of the Marine Technology Park is developed. Whilst under construction, the area will be closed to the public, to enable the works to be completed safely.

The work, as well as the future quay design and reconstruction works, have been jointly funded by West Dunbartonshire Council and Clyde Mission who have contributed £4 million to help fund the project. 

Kevin Waters, Principal Project Manager of the SMTP noted, ‘we are delighted to have Advance Construction Scotland onboard. Following our recently completed remediation work (link), these works, combined with future enabling infrastructure works, will help attract the further development that is required to realise the marine technology park vision, and with it bring hundreds of new high-quality jobs and opportunities to the local community.’

Lance Gordon of the Advance Group said, “We are pleased to be part of the team supporting this pioneering project. It’s a terrific contract to be working on and all the more special knowing our contribution is helping forge such a groundbreaking environment for future innovation and growth.”

Kevin Waters, SMTP and Lance Gordon, Advance Group