A spotlight on malin marine consultants

Malin Marine Consultants offer a range of specialist technical services across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines.

With access to the expertise and proven capabilities of the wider Malin Group, alongside their own specialist staff, MMC  have established an enviable range of clients across sectors and geographies; these have ranged from ferry, naval and commercial vessel operators to shipyards, marine civil contractors and marine infrastructure owners.

Here, Managing Director Chris Dunn tells us a little more about the Group’s specialist consultancy business unit.

‘Since joining Malin, I have had the opportunity to work across a variety of scopes – from heavy lift transportation contracts, to design and fabrication projects. One of the reasons that I was attracted to the Group, amongst others, was the organisation’s ability to deliver full turnkey solutions – starting with concept development by the Malin Skunks, design and manufacture at Malin Newbuild and Malin Equipment, and then delivery by the world-class Malin Abram team. I was very excited when offered the opportunity to re-establish our consultancy arm, Malin Marine Consultants, a unit heavily focused on innovation that works across the projects and specialist business units, filling any gaps and helping bring the wider Malin team together to make best use of their full set of skills.

Malin are well known and respected for often working with clients who have been let down by previous suppliers, or on projects that have become more complicated than initially expected. This thirst for innovation and ability to  investigate and effectively plan puts us in a strong position to assist the industry with new, emergent areas.

For example, a well considered, research feasibility study that looked into the real time monitoring and recording of fuel usage on a workboat has given us fantastic insight into how power is consumed on board – and this insight has in turn opened up a range of design, fabrication and deployment opportunities for the wider Group – and industry.’

‘A great example of this is our most recent study, Marilight, a project that seeks to develop new processes for building marine components using Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) technology.

This exciting project, supported through the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC), aims to provide the industry with a clear route to using LSAM for certified and approved component fabrication, moving from conventional, manual fabrication processes to an automated and flexible rapid manufacturing route. If successful, the project could result in considerable savings for the industry including global fleet savings of 7.7m tonnes of steel, a 90% reduction in manufacturing lead time, 60% energy savings and 20% reduction in production time.

Plus we are very lucky to be collaborating with a number of partners including Altair Engineering, BAE Systems, Lloyd’s Register and the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS).

We are very excited to undertake further collaboration, on new projects across the industry in the coming weeks and months.’

You can find out more about the work of MMC, and the Marilight project in particular on their site. 

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