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This may cover the delivery of a cargo to a loading port, handling all permits, cranes and access restrictions in the case of a land move, or looking at all aspects of inland waterway movements and transhipment in the case of delivery via local canals and river systems to a client supplied sea going vessel. In other cases, the client may require us to supply the seagoing vessel or tug and barge, with all loading and discharging requirements handled in-house. Here they will load the cargo to our vessel and we will then take receipt as it is landed to the deck and be responsible for securing it for sea transport.

Whether you require us to supply a crane and some bespoke lifting equipment, oversee sea fastening installation or arrange for site surveys and road transport, we can manage any subset of the range of services in a typical heavy lift contract – and do so with contract terms that best suit your needs.

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Client: EFAB Industrial Solutions Limited | Completed: November 2022 | Cargo: Caustic tank to be removed and replacement unit
The Malin Abram team were delighted to successfully carry out a full turnkey project for EFAB Industrial Solutions Limited (EFAB), on behalf of their client Ensus UK Ltd. EFAB were contracted by Ensus UK Ltd to build a new caustic tank for the Ensus site in Middlesbrough. Ensus operates one of Europe’s largest production plants for renewable ethanol at Wilton on Teesside in Northeast England. Malin Abram were brought on board to manage the transportation of the new tank from EFAB’s facility in Immingham to the Ensus site, as well as the safe and efficient removal of the existing tank. This represented a relatively complex scope, with lots of moving parts owing to the need to transport by land and sea, and the number of parties involved.
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Malin Abram redefine what you can expect from a heavy lift partner. We offer project management expertise in the area of transportation, no matter how specialist, as well as a full range of technical services.

Heavy lift to us is more than the operational side of supplying cranes, ships, barges and heavy haulage. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team of engineers assess your needs and propose optimum solutions. All initial consultations are free of charge – simply contact us to find out more.