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Malin Abram: specialists in feasibility & FEED studies the design of sea fastenings, transport cradles, lifting arrangements & handling gear Sourcing marine assets for transport / marine asset chartering Equipment hire, including SPMT’s, craneage, ballast system, winches, tugs 3rd Party Review / Warranty 

Malin Abram  specialise in providing heavy lift and marine transportation services and we understand that the transportation of renewable energy structures  and equipment is a complex and costly endeavour that requires meticulous planning and analysis. 

Utilising decades of transportation experience, built across the defence, oil and gas, nuclear and civil sectors, we can identify the most optimal routes and transportation methods, taking into account factors like road and port infrastructure, environmental constraints, and local regulations, as well as draw upon past projects to identify potential risks and opportunities, allowing you to make informed decisions about investment and resource allocation.

As an organisation, we are committed to the transition to a low-carbon economy, but we also understand the challenges it presents – from time and cost constraints, to limited supply chain options which necessitate new and novel solutions. Working with us, though feasibility and feed studies, through to equipment and asset hire and delivery, we can support you to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and ensure the timely and efficient delivery of your renewables projects.  

Our services cover a range of specialisms including:

  • Feasibility studies (pre/post fid)
  • Detailed planning
  • Market assessment for transport options
  • Marshalling and build/installation strategies
  • Supporting detail design teams for transport load cases
  • Design of lifting arrangements and any specialist gear required
  • Design of sea fastenings, transport cradles, lifting arrangements, handling gear
  • Warranty of design work for transport and handling


  • Sourcing marine assets for transport:
    • Understanding barges / coasters / HLV’s on the market & their capabilities
  • Final design of seafastenings resulting from any vessel changes
  • Marine Warranty of operational activities
  • Transhipment and marine movements
  • Understanding the equipment required for each aspect of operations including ballast system, SPMTs, weightors, craneage, work boats & tug
  • Managing subcontractors onsite including riggers, welders, lifting team, ballast engineers & transport engineers

feed & Feasibility services

Feasibility studies are an essential step in determining the viability of your marine project, enabling us to assess the technical, economic, and environmental aspects of your project, to ensure a solid foundation for success. We can also help with FEED studies, (Front-End Engineering Design) which allow us to dive deeper into the engineering details, providing you with a comprehensive blueprint for your marine venture.

Design of seafastenings, transport cradles, lifting arrangements, handling gear

The safe stowage and securing of cargo is dependent on the proper planning, execution and supervision of the process. The cargo should be stowed and secured in such a way which does not put the ship or personnel in any risk. Improper stowage and securing can put the vessel, crew and other cargo into a potentially hazardous situation. With experience of design of sea fastening ranging from simple lashings to complex steel welded designs to suit project cargo ranging from under 40Te to excess of 12,000Te, our engineers offer the highest standard of design, unfaltering attention to detail, all laid out in clear, easy to understand documentation. We operate a first-class quality approval system under DNV-ISO 9001:2015 to ensure all documentation is thoroughly reviewed and approved in-house before being issued.

Design of lifting arrangements and specialist equipment

The lifting & turning of structures can be required for a wide range of operations & scenarios, including fabrication, transportation, installation & de-commissioning. These can range from the topping & tailing of pressure vessels for installation in-field, to the turning of a hull structure for improved fabrication access. With all of these operations, detailed planning, technical assessment & supervision is vital to ensure the lifts are carried out in a safe & controlled manner. Assessment of the loading of the structure at each stage of the lift is also an important consideration for lifting & turning operations. As the structure is lifted & turned, the load path within the structure will change. Detailed structural analysis is required to verify the structure, ensuring sufficient structural strength at every stage of the operation. Malin Abram are experienced in providing the full range of services required for lifting & turning operations – from detailed design through to onsite supervision & procurement of required assets to execute the operation.

Warranty of design work for transport and handling

Technical authority services are typically those required by underwriters, who carry responsibility for insuring a client’s cargo. These services can also be required by the client themselves looking for oversight of work they have contracted, as part of internal due diligence and project support. When providing this service, we ensure that all operations are executed in a safe and controlled manner, as well as ensuring compliance with any project specific or industry guidelines required. We offer both technical documentation review and on-site warranty / third-party assurance services for operations. For marine operations we can carry out full Marine Warranty or third-party assurance scope. Alternatively, where review of the entire operation is not required, we can provide technical 3rd party review of individual aspects of the operation. These 3rd party reviews can encompass any aspect of an operation, from assessment of cargo sea fastening design, vessel longitudinal strength and stability calculations, towage and mooring plans, through to review of operational method statements and risk assessments.

Market assessment for transport options

We can undertake all forms of operational planning, from production of storyboards, risk assessments and method statements through to towage plans and procedures. Our inhouse engineering team can also carry out a wide range of design tasks including: • Sea fastening design • Ballast calculations • Structural strength checks • Grillage design • Lift plans • Rigging design • Lift supervision • Site surveys • Mooring studies • Motion response analysis • Offshore deployment analysis • Trailer arrangements • Trailer strength & stability checks • Swept path & access studies • Assistance with trailer selection

case studies

wellsafe guardian lift


Client: Well-Safe Solutions | Completed: June 2023 | Cargo: SDS Module for Well-safe Guardian
Malin Abram successfully completed the load-out, transportation and installation of the Saturation Dive Spread (SDS) module to the Well-Safe Guardian. The project featured a number of complex and interesting heavy lift challenges, which the Malin Abram team overcame, working in partnership with all at Well-Safe.The SDS module was loaded onto a cargo barge, using SPMTs, at it’s build location in Burntisland. The barge and module were then towed to the Port of Rosyth, where they were joined by a sheerleg crane. A test lift was conducted alongside the quay, for final checks prior to the final installation lift.
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suitability survey

Client: SeaGreen | Location: Aberdeen, Peterhead, Montrose, Dundee, Methill, Grangemouth, Leith, Blyth, Newcastle, Middlesborough
Malin Abram provided an assessment of ports capable of storing / handling the client’s equipment including the wind turbine components within a reasonable radius of the offshore site that could be used as a marshalling yard. Malin Abram carried out an in-depth study of port facilities and associated costs for the following: laydown area, quayside length and suitability for barges, port infrastructure, environmental assessment on the quayside for loading in and out, ground bearing capacity on quayside and in storage areas.
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Client: Mitsubishi | Location: Hunterston
Malin Abram were contracted to design a lifting frame for the lift of a Rotor Head (96Te) and a Nacelle (422Te) for a wind turbine. The Nacelle lifting frame also included the design of the rigging arrangement.
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Client: SSE | Cargo: 4 off tower sections (100-125 Te) and 3 off blades, hub and Nacelle (26 Te, 92 Te and 228 Te respectively)
Malin Abram successfully provided third party review of technical documentation and site attendance covering lifting operations during the offload of wind turbine sections from 2 off coaster vessels at Hunterston, UK.
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Malin Abram redefine what you can expect from a heavy lift partner. We offer project management expertise in the area of transportation, no matter how specialist, as well as a full range of technical services.

Heavy lift to us is more than the operational side of supplying cranes, ships, barges and heavy haulage. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team of engineers assess your needs and propose optimum solutions – simply contact us to find out more.