Heavy lift and logistics support

With over 25 years experience providing turnkey solutions for complex marine transportation projects, Malin Group can provide a comprehensive range of heavy lift and logistics support services. We regularly act as a single point of contact for a turnkey project with responsibility typically resting with us for the full range of services and clearances required to move a complex item of cargo. Our in-house fabrication facility enables us to design, manufacture and deliver all required seafastenings and grillages.

Our technical side can offer a wealth of experience and know-how including vessel selection, deck strength calculations, stability assessments, ballasting plans and cargo securing design and implementation. We can also undertake the site review, crane arrangements, lifting and installing of cargo, and handover documentation.

From planning and technical expertise, through to collection of cargo from manufacturers build hall to delivery, Malin Group can offer a truly turnkey service:

  • Heavy lift engineering
  • Tug and Barge Chartering
  • Design and Fabrication
  • Project Management

We have decades of experience in providing a range of heavy lift and logistics support services.