celebrating international womens day: Gender equality today - break the bias

We are proud to celebrate this year’s international women’s day – with a focus on breaking the bias!

Here, women across the Malin Group talk about how they are working to have an impact in their area, or showcase their support for other women, either colleagues, public figures or friends who are leading the charge in promoting equality and tackling issues close to their heart – in our own case, climate change. The Marine Engineering sector continues to be male dominated, however we appreciate that all that work in this area have a role to play in making a change and having their voice. 

‘As Office Manager for the Malin Group, I was proud to play a pivotal role in delivering the Malin Spotlight Series during COP26, focusing on the priorities for the Marine industry in tackling climate change.  We delivered a series of highly focused events and created a forum for business leaders and visionaries to identify the issues and investigate the possible solutions required to meet mandated targets.  I am hopeful that the Spotlight Series will prove to be a springboard for more action to create a better future for our own and the next generation.’

Audrey McHugh, Office Manager

‘I personally do all I can to minimise my negative impact on the environment; if shopping I select sustainable suppliers, recycle when I can, walk or cycle when out and about.

I am proud, as a women to play my part, and to work for an organisation who champions behaviours like this in the workplace.’

Jessica Demirai, Project Controls and Purchasing Assistant

‘Working for a marine engineering firm, I am acutely aware of the need to act now to preserve our oceans and wider environment.  Inspired by Emma Watson, Actress and Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women, I have ditched as much single use plastic as I can, for example always refilling my metallic water bottle and never buying plastic water bottles. Emma notes that plastic is one of the biggest pollutants on the planet, and we need to work to minimise it where we can. ‘

Laura Henderson, Sales & Marketing Assistant

‘This International Women’s Day I’m shouting proud about my best friend who is completing her PhD on urban resilience to climate hazards. She is creating a systems tool which can be used to map the interdependences between system components (e.g. infrastructure, facilities) and the services they provide, to determine the impact of a climate hazard, for example flooding, on longer term resilient outcomes. This approach is a new way of thinking and allows an element of planning to take place in cities that would be badly affected, and proves the importance of female intelligence within this sector.’

Jenn Cowan, QAHSE Advisor

‘Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility.’

Marije van den Broek, Accountants Payable Assistant

‘If you file your waste paper basket for fifty years, you have a public library ,’ Tony Benn.

‘We needed to address our companies mounting waste problem by generating less, particularly paper waste.  Malin QHSE department are implementing an electronic document management system which will improve accessibility, ensure company processes available wherever you are located and reduce waste. I am proud of the part I am playing in this initiative and encourage all women and men to play their part.’

Clare Longford, QAHSE Advisor


‘Every action, every decision we take today has lasting ramifications for the world we live in. They may affect our environment and the ways in which our children, the next generation learn how to interact with each other. I am proud to work for an organisation that champions sustainable solutions as well as gender equality, and hope that by contributing my voice, I alongside my female colleagues, may support the creation of a generation who value each person’s  opinions, contributions and worth.’

Helenor Fisher, Group Brand Manager

‘I am delighted to be maintaining my position as one of our senior roles – but now on a part time basis.   This means that I can spend well-deserved time with my teenagers and fly the flag for flexibility at the Malin Group.

Tracey Chrystal, Group HR Manager

‘I am proud to be a champion for women progressing in all careers particularly STEM. I spent 8 years at sea and progressed to a navigating officer on ships, which included lots of adventures, even sailing to the Arctic. The experience allowed me to project manage shipyard refurbishments periods and practice speaking Italian and Spanish. I am currently completing a MSc in Sustainability and Environmental Studies at the University of Strathclyde on a part time basis alongside my work as General Manager for the specialist welding division of the Malin Group. I feel it will be necessary to have a good grasp of what is required to operate sustainably for managers moving forward and the knowledge acquired through study should prove invaluable for years to come.’

Lindsey Jessop, General Manager, John Tracey Specialist Welding (JTSW)