The Malin Group, marine engineering experts headquartered at the iconic South Rotunda building on the banks of the Clyde, is hosting a series of highly focused, business-led events in line with COP26, crafted to create a forum for business leaders and visionaries alike to identify the issues and investigate the possible progressive solutions to contribute to global net zero targets. The programme is called The Spotlight Series, highlighting the way forward for the maritime industry.

During the first two weeks in November, leaders, politicians, negotiators, scientists and activists from around the world will be coming together in Glasgow for negotiations on global efforts to tackle the climate crisis, to agree the way forward and decide the targets that need to be met.  The commitments made at COP26 will drive ambitious climate policies across the world, and these will touch all industries and sectors as we collectively drive for net zero.

With a focus on policy development in the official zone, there is an opportunity for industry to contribute through a parallel stream, investigating how they may meet the targets set.  The marine sector in particular is likely to be challenged with aggressive decarbonisation targets as the focus shifts to clean energy and clean transport.

The marine-sector programme will be hosted by the Malin Group, headquartered in the South Rotunda, a stone’s throw from the United Nations controlled Green Zone and adjacent to the BBC and ITV studios and will focus on innovation, industry trends, industrial practices and technological developments, all with the aim to arrive at a set of agreed strategies that will help industry set our own goals to meet the political objectives. With a focus on sustainable solutions, the programme will be hybrid in nature, to allow those delegates from around the world who are unable to travel to Glasgow to attend virtually. There will also be a series of marine-specific networking events for delegates to experience the famed Glasgow hospitality and local produce.

A number of salient, specialist themes will be covered, including  zero emission shipping, next generation of clean fuels, offshore and marine renewables, the Blue Economy, sustainable investment, evolution of the UK maritime industry and global efforts to combat marine pollution. There will also be a focus on community engagement and educational content, with school collaborations a central element of the programme.

The Group have a host of sponsorship opportunities in place, each enabling partners to contribute to the shaping of the programme, branding of the facility, keynote speakers and access to the digital platform.

To find out more about the options available, contact [email protected]