As we head into the winter months, it continues to be a busy time for the Malin Group, with a variety of projects progressing, whilst others are kicked off. We have also completed a number of projects on site, kicked off campaign activity for Malin Abram and the SMTP and are about to launch the next Heavylift Engineer Magazine – our fourth edition.

In terms of projects this month, we have had a variety of interesting heavy lift scopes, from rigging design and lift supervision, to on-site supervision of a load-out in Nigg.

We were delighted to be involved in the former project, with CMI Offshore Limited, and received great feedback from our client. “It was a pleasure to work with Malin and their responses to urgent requests for assistance even over weekends was superb. Very professional and good people to work with.”

It was also great to confirm involvement this month, along with our sister company Malin Newbuild, on the delivery of components to a key client in Somerset. Whilst Malin Newbuild will be involved in the fabrication, Malin Abram will provide engineering support including seafastening design, stow and securing plans, ballast calculations and longitudinal strength and stability checks, all required for the transportation and safe delivery of the structures, as well as all vessel chartering services.

We are also working on a number of tenders, on a range of varied and complex scopes – watch this space for next steps!

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It has been a busy month for our three new business units – Newbuild, Marine Equipment and Marine Services – with work commencing on our new exciting project with Caley Ocean Systems  where we are fabricating and delivering key components to a key client in Somerset. A year long project, we have now received approved construction drawings and placed stage one supply orders, as well as completing first cuts. This complex job has enabled us to welcome 19 new members to the team and will continue to be recruiting. We can’t wait to keep you updated as this project progresses.

We have also kicked off design options for Subsea 7, after attending an on-site visit to scope a stair modification and additional tie-backs for a new Mezzanine staircase. With supplies now ordered, the team will be progressing this project over the next few weekends to enable our client to continue to work undisrupted.

Great progress has been achieved on our Tidal Weir project, with black build now completed successfully and painting commenced. Onsite works for the removal of the existing carriage have progressed well, and we will begin work on site next week to begin preparations for the replacement of the carriage.

Meanwhile, we are working closely with a key client to incorporate some additional design elements to a test beam, that we recently fabricated to spec in-house. We also delivered a new mast and sidelights to a satisfied client at Dales Garvel yard, before receiving additional contracts for deck extension modifications and winch replacements.

Lastly, work continues for a key wave energy client.  We have now machined the Lower Silo mating face and will soon move on to the Upper Silo mating face, as well as having fabricated the equipment seats for the lower silo, which we will shortly start fitting. Installation of the IECS (Internal Environment Control System) into the Test Rig is progressing well, with electrical installation the next step.

We are on hand to help with your needs, across design, fabrication, testing and installation, with a dedicated facility in Glasgow. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

This month BWC are delighted to have completed the detailed design of the BWC Bute P unit, which utilises Bawat’s single stage treatment technology. The unit is housed in a 30 foot container and has a treatment capacity of 200 m3/hr.

Design work has already started on our next system, which is a variation on the previous design, but this time using a 40 foot container to produce a larger treatment capacity of 300 m3/hr. We expect to move into the production phase on one of these designs as soon as our client has selected their optimal treatment capacity.  

Unfortunately due to flare-ups in Covid-19 across Europe, we have had to postpone our second client field trip. We will continue to monitor the virus situation across Europe and are still hopeful that this client event will take place before year end. Despite this setback, interest in our mobile systems has continued to grow this month, with several enquiries from new potential clients.  

Our port solution also continues to gain interest and we now expect to be actively involved in tendering work for port based ballast water treatment projects towards the end of this year.    

October was the month of collaboration. The full team have been working hard to complete a number of tasks in preparation for the next stage of the project.

We have been working closely with GD lodge, to provide important visuals of the finalised park, that will help us with our future planning consents.  This important visualisation work will also enable us to progress in the creation of prospectus materials to showcase investment opportunities to potential clients. We have also been collaborating with Stantec, who have been working to progress a number of key documents including our revised Economic Impact Assessment which highlights just how vital the park will become to the local economy – more details on this soon! Meanwhile, Ardmore Point have been on site managing our marine site investigation works which will continue into November.  It was really exciting to see drilling rigs arrive on site! 

A big thank you needs to go to JLW Solutions this month, as they continue to deliver pragmatic solutions to our often difficult site conditions. Overall October has been really positive given the current climate and we expect that through November we will continue this good work. A final thanks goes to the local public who have (by in large) have acknowledged our new security measures and stayed off of the site. As we ramp up over winter  and continue to have machinery such as drilling rigs on site, we would advise that dog walking on the site is not safe and the Canal path or the Salting’s nature walk would be much more appropriate at this time.

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We are now finalising our latest edition of the Heavylift Engineer magazine, which will be the fourth in the series, for Autumn.  As an impartial guide, designed to share best practise, we are always keen to have guest contributions – so if you would like to get involved, please let us know.

And in the meantime, you also still have time to join hundreds of others who have downloaded our third edition of the Heavylift Engineer. From articles on stowage plans and fabrication jigs, to lessons from lockdown, book reviews and our trusted heavy lift tips, our third edition also features a guest piece from Giles Candy of Envirocleanse.

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We were also delighted last month to be part of the STV Big Scottish Breakfast – with a Malin twist, focusing on STEM. Mindful of Covid restrictions, we delivered direct to schools and youth centres 72 hours prior to the October holidays, in order to enable quarantine before distribution.

We provided packs to a number of schools and youth centres across Glasgow and West Dunbarton and have had great feedback from the kids to date, who have been taking part in our challenges.

Speaking of challenges, our latest Malin Young Engineers Challenge – part 5, has now been launched on our Facebook page, this time focused on timings. To find out more details – and take part, for a chance to win a young engineers pack, visit our Facebook page.