With Autumn now upon us, it continues to be a busy time for the Malin Group, with a variety of projects progressing, whilst others are kicked off. We have also seen a new Malin Group website, welcomed a number of new colleagues and are about to launch the next Heavylift Engineer Magazine – our fourth edition.

In terms of projects this month, we have had a variety of interesting heavy lift scopes, from a successful load out of 2 1400Te cold boxes and 3rd party assurance scope in Spain, to the completion of several load outs, overseeing rigging and lifting operations for 10 fabricated spools in Nigg. 

As well as our work on traditional heavy lift projects using hired in equipment, clients are also turning to us to design and deliver bespoke handling equipment. Two pieces of custom built / bespoke mech handling equipment for lifting & rotating equipment 180 degrees, as noted below, are nearing completion in our dedicated workshop facility. Both of these bespoke pieces replace more traditional methods of lifting and turning, offering significant savings in time and resources – as well as decreased safety concerns. 

We are also delighted to welcome two new members to our team, Jonathan Hill, a Senior Mechanical Engineer and Barry Leitch, a Mechanical Draughtsman. Meanwhile, our tendering team have been busy securing and developing bids for a number of exciting projects this month. To find out more about how our team may support with your heavy lift needs, get in touch.

As well as an imminent announcement of a significant and exciting new project (watch this space,) it has been a busy month for our three new business units – Newbuild, Marine Equipment and Marine Services.

All of the materials have now been delivered for our Tidal Weir project, with cast iron parts returned from foundry, machining commenced and fabrication ongoing. Once all machining is completed, we expect to undertake black build and painting in the coming weeks, alongside kicking off onsite works for the removal of the existing carriage. Assembly of the replacement carriage will then commence – it will be great to see the finished article in place.

The team are also nearing completion of a complex project, involving the design, fabrication and assembly of a ferry mast, including frame and sidelight boxes. Now that all stages are completed, materials are at painting stage before they can be safely delivered to our client.

Meanwhile, work on a number of our key pieces are moving apace. Two pieces of custom built / bespoke mech handling equipment for lifting & rotating equipment 180 degrees are both nearing completion; with one now fully assembled, with hydraulics install underway, and the other now fully fabricated, entering black build stage.

Lastly, work continues on a the main hull assemblies, for a key wave energy client, the four part cylindrical hull assembly with a diameter of 4500mm and an overall height of 7330mm is nearing hot works completion, and final in-situ machining tasks are scheduled for the coming weeks to create the necessary sealing surfaces. A test rig is also being custom built to mimic the internals of the hull such that the outfit and testing of all the gas/fluid and power generation systems can be progressed prior to installation into the main hull.

We are on hand to help with your needs, across design, fabrication, testing and installation, with a dedicated facility in Glasgow. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Colleagues at BWC were this month asked to produce a detailed design of the BWC Bute P unit, which utilises Bawat’s single stage treatment technology. The unit is housed in a 30 foot container and has a treatment capacity of 200 m3/hr.

Work on this design will conclude this month and our design team will be busy again next month as our clients are also requesting to see the detailed design of another version of the Bute P; the latter is housed in a 40 foot container with a 300 m3/hr treatment capacity.  

Interest from barge owners has grown this month, so much so that we are now planning our second client field trip, which will again allow clients to witness first-hand the mobile test unit in operation. The visit will be in Dordrecht in the Netherlands this time and the date for the visit is expected to fall in the last week of October, Covid-19 permitting.  

Lastly, on the back of continued interest from Europe in our ballast water treatment port solution, we have decided to expand our marketing drive to capture a wider audience in Africa, where we see great potential for the BWC port solution.      

Whilst on the site itself, things appear quiet, there has been lots of activity behind the scenes this month. We have been preparing a raft of documentation and plans, to move forward in our mission with regards securing funding and some key stakeholders; this has included finalising our application for the next stage of planning permission, undertaking quayside investigations and opening discussions with a bio energy company re tree removal from the site, which will enable construction to commence, but in line with our clean energy mission. We have also had encouraging news, with ongoing remediation investigations highlighting a number of cleaner than expected areas on the site. This is encouraging news and we will look forward to updating on progress on this in the coming months.

We have also continued to develop our design work, collaborating with potential clients and building a vision of the quay and surrounding facilities; we look forward to having revised renders soon and will share these to update on our vision for the site.

Lastly, we would like to thank our new security team but also local residents, who together have enabled cessation of littering on site, and a move of dog walking to adjacent sites. This is necessary for the time being to ensure the safety of all, and we appreciate everyone’s co-operation.

To find out more about the ongoing work at the site, future plans and opportunities, visit scotmtp.com

We are now finalising our latest edition of the Heavylift Engineer magazine, which will be the fourth in the series, for Autumn.  As an impartial guide, designed to share best practise, we are always keen to have guest contributions – so if you would like to get involved, please let us know.

And in the meantime, you also still have time to join hundreds of others who have downloaded our third edition of the Heavylift Engineer. From articles on stowage plans and fabrication jigs, to lessons from lockdown, book reviews and our trusted heavy lift tips, our third edition also features a guest piece from Giles Candy of Envirocleanse.

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We are also very excited to be part of the STV Big Scottish Breakfast – with a Malin twist, focusing on STEM. As we mentioned last month, our Malin Young Engineers Challenge Booklet Edition One is now finalised, having been emailed to schools across Scotland. The booklet will also form part of our STEM Big Breakfast packs, which we will be distributing to a selected number of schools in partnership with STV. 

The STV Children’s Appeal is encouraging organisations to host virtual breakfasts to raise funds to assist those thousands of children living in poverty in Scotland. To support this, we will be handing the packs with booklets but also breakfast items, for schools to safely distribute to pupils.

We are also inviting all to donate, directly to the appeal, to raise funds for this great cause – and in the meantime, if you would like a hard copy of our booklet, please just get in touch.