As thing slowly start to return to a new normal, the Malin Group are forging ahead with a number of exciting projects – from the exciting news around Type 26, to the merge of Henry Abram & Sons and Malin Marine Consultants to form Malin Abram – as well as your chance to download Heavylift Engineering Magazine edition 3!

We are delighted to have secured a contract to transport and launch the iconic Type 26 vessel on the banks of the Clyde.

The project involves loading the ship onto a bespoke semi-submersible launch barge, before moving downriver and submerging at a specially selected site on the Clyde to float off and launch.

This latest contract with BAE affirms our strong relationship, dating back to the group shipping the Trident pressure hull rings from Glasgow to Barrow in the late 1980s – and a continued supportive relationship across all major naval projects since.

John MacSween, Managing Director, said: “We are thrilled to be working on this project with BAE Systems, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence – it provides the opportunity to deliver an iconic project on the banks of the Clyde, and will involve the employment of a team of local naval architects and engineers for the next 4 years as we help launch this first batch of vessels. Thanks to BAE we will be able to bring a new capability to the Clyde in the form of one of the largest floating dock barges in Europe and sincerely hope this attracts other significant marine manufacturing projects to the west coast of Scotland.”

The contract marks a first for us, representing a move to equipment ownership via a joint venture between us and Augustea, where a barge will be modified to accommodate the size of the Type 26 vessel. After modification the barge will be one of the largest in Europe and be based on the Clyde between projects. Its ability to submerge and load vessels and cargo with draughts of up to 10m and 140m in length adds an exciting new capability to the area. It is hoped this new service will catalyse further opportunities for the wider supply chain and put the West Coast of Scotland on the map as a place of business for major marine engineering projects.

You can find out more about this new docking and heavy lift capability on the west coast of Scotland from our spec sheet – or get in touch.

As of tomorrow, August 1st, we are excited to confirm our exciting move to Malin Abram. This new name reflects a merge of Henry Abram & Sons with Malin Marine Consultants, a merger which will provide our clients with a truly turnkey offering. These two companies have always worked closely in tandem, making their merger a logical step in the Group’s evolution. What has not changed is our solid commitment to impartiality, integrity, creativity and excellence in all that we do for our clients. This is reflected in our company mission, to “build innovately on the values and experience of our heritage, to be an expert partner to our clients on a global scale.”

Our team of engineers will continue to be on hand to assess your needs and propose the optimum solutions, based on equipment that is readily available for hire or more specific, long term bespoke solutions incorporating hydraulic actuators and custom control systems.​ You can find out more about our full range of services on our new website or via our new brochure. You can now also follow us on Linkedin.

Please get in contact if our new name requires any change to your processes or procedures or please forward this email to the relevant team within your organisation to enable them to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

This month we have seen interest in our containerised port based systems increase. Potential clients in West Africa, Europe and now North America have all expressed a desire to consider port based ballast water treatment. This port solution can be both a contingency measure when a vessel has a fault with its on board system or it can be a cost effective alternative to traditional on board retrofitting.   

Platform Supply Vessels and Offshore Support Vessels are starting to see the benefits of installing two or three port based treatment systems to service their entire fleet and in doing so they will avoid the more costly one vessel, one treatment system option. Please look out for the BWC article on this topic which will be published in the July/August issue of the Offshore Support Journal (OSJ).

Stay safe, especially if you are travelling now for business or pleasure.

With 2020 being a Year of Coasts and Waters, there has been a real focus on marine companies – so it was indeed very humbling for this month, to be featured as one of the key companies within this sector by #Scotlandisnow. 

As you know, the Scottish Marine Technology Park is an ambitious plan which aims to contribute towards the regeneration of the Clyde and wider marine sector. Centred on innovation and technological advancement, the park wishes to contribute to the economic landscape of the local and wider community, transforming the employment opportunities offered.  

With news of the contract with BAE Systems, noted above, and the barge capability that will come to the Clyde, one of the largest in Europe, we are excited to see our vision come one step closer to becoming a reality.

To find out more about the ongoing work at the site, future plans and opportunities, visit

Last, and by no means least, you still have time to join hundreds of others who have downloaded our third edition of the Heavylift Engineer. From articles on stowage plans and fabrication jigs, to lessons from lockdown, book reviews and our trusted heavy lift tips, our third edition also features a guest piece from Giles Candy of Envirocleanse.

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