As summer draws to a close and we head into Autumn, it continues to be a busy time for the Malin Group, with a variety of projects progressing, whilst others are kicked off. We have also seen new websites, engineering challenges and are kicking off the autumn edition of the Heavylift Engineer magazine.

This month has witnessed the successful move to Malin Abram, harnessing the heritage and expertise of Henry Abram & Sons, combined with the creativity and energy of Malin Marine Consultants. If you have not yet had time to, you can find out more about our range of services, areas of expertise and company values on our new website, where you can also download our latest brochure. This has been combined with a new Linkedin channel where we have regular news on recent and new projects, as well as a spotlight on our talented staff members and top tips in the area of heavy lift – give us a follow and find out more.

Malin Abram relaunch video

In terms of projects this month, we have had a variety of interesting heavy lift scopes, from a successful load out and on-site transportation piece in Nigg, to providing engineering support for a key client with regards SPMT arrangements. We were also involved in the grillage design and sea-fastening arrangement for a key client, which bespoke to vessel, is a complex, challenging project.

As well as our work on traditional heavy lift projects using hired in equipment, clients are also turning to us to design and deliver bespoke handling equipment. Two such pieces are nearing completion in our workshop which allow for the lifting and rotating of heavy items of equipment during manufacture easily and safely. This replaces a more traditional approach of lifting and turning using paired overhead cranes and temporary lifting eyes. The end result is reduced rework, increased safety, faster turn cycles and greater throughput in the client’s facility.

Meanwhile, our tendering team have been busy securing and developing bids for a number of exciting projects this month.  To find out more about how our team may support with your heavy lift needs, get in touch.

As well as the recent news of our collaboration with Smart Green Shipping in a ground-breaking project to lessen shipping’s environmental impact, it has been a busy month for our three new business units – Newbuild, Equipment and Marine Services.

The teams have been involved in a variety of complex design and fabrication works, ranging from the the reinstatement works for a historic three gate weir, involving steel and cast iron works, to the design and fabrication of ready racks; the racks have been specially designed to enable easy storage and supply of polymer pipe during our customers onsite welding campaigns. The frames have been designed to improving alignment and stability during welding operations. This will reduce our customers down time from monitoring and adjustment of the racks and improve quality.

The team are also nearing completion of a complex project involving the design, fabrication, testing and installation of a test beam; now entering final assembly stage, we are working with colleagues to install hydraulic pins and jacks, as well as the relevant pipework, which will then be subject to Factory acceptance testing.

Meanwhile, after successful completion of harbour trails, a mock-up of a 30 tonne manned submersible was shipped to a satisfied client last week for inclusion in a key naval project.

Lastly, work has recommenced on a series of hull assemblies, for a wave energy key client, consisting of a lower and upper silo, floater/crown and column. A test rig is also being custom built to commission the internal power generation systems on prior to installation.

We are on hand to help with your needs, across design, fabrication, testing and installation, with a dedicated facility in Glasgow. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Our colleagues at BWC have also experienced a busy month, with interest in their port solutions continuing to grow. The team recently travelled to a European port to showcase their product offering and interest in Africa continues to build, with a client there now commissioning a port study on port based ballast water treatment.

Lastly, the collaboration between BWC and Bawat continues to strengthen and another potential BWC client, again in Europe, has agreed to take the containerised Bawat test system on a 2 month trial. We will update in the coming months of the results of the trial.

Seeing the Waverley on the Clyde this month was a wonderful prompt as to the vision we share, with a renewed marine facility and bustling quayside.  In moving towards this, it has been another busy month of preparations with the SMTP team, to enable us to emerge from lockdown with fervour. Site investigation work will commence again imminently, with a full team drafted in ready to move forward on this front. Alongside this, we have brought a new security company on board to ensure the safety and security of those working on the site, local wildlife and residents.

Lastly, we have been progressing our design work, collaborating with potential clients and building a vision of the quay and surrounding facilities.

To find out more about the ongoing work at the site, future plans and opportunities, visit

Work has now kicked off on our latest edition of the magazine, which will be the fourth in the series, for Autumn.  As an impartial guide, designed to share best practise, we are always keen to have guest contributions – so if you would like to get involved, please let us know.

And in the meantime, you also still have time to join hundreds of others who have downloaded our third edition of the Heavylift Engineer. From articles on stowage plans and fabrication jigs, to lessons from lockdown, book reviews and our trusted heavy lift tips, our third edition also features a guest piece from Giles Candy of Envirocleanse.

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Lastly, we have now finalised our Malin Young Engineers Challenge booklet – edition one. This will be sent out to schools across the country to encourage STEM amongst the next generation. The challenges are designed to be fun and informative – and encourage kids to give it a go and learn a little about some introductory engineering principles.  If you would like a hard copy, please just get in touch.