With a continuation of lockdown, the Malin Group remain resilient, forging ahead with a number of exciting projects – from consultancy to vessel mobilisations – as well as some interesting pulley action from our young engineers!

The lockdown continues but in the world of international transport, we don’t do things by halves and it’s not enough to be experiencing lockdown in your own home, we had two employees locking down in a hotel in Europe for 14 days as part of quarantine requirements before they attended an essential load-out of oil field equipment onto a barge.

This demonstrates the dedication and professionalism our staff have in their approach to work and it is only through the willingness of our staff to travel that we are able to deliver these types of projects for clients.

In the month of May we have also been busy honing our Orcaflex skills with an interesting dynamic problem analysing a floating body with moving parts tethered to the seabed in order to determine the loadings on the structure for detailed FE analysis.

Our structures and draughting team have been busy working on our barge design, in preparation for talking to class. It also looks like our concept raft design was successful and we are in talks with client about taking it to the next stage.

It is good to see the government starting to relax their restrictions on the lock down and whilst it is only a small step, it means we are moving in the right direction and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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As we close another month on lockdown, it continues to be a busy time for the team at Malin Marine. We have completed a myriad of projects, respecting the requirements suggested to ensure safety in the challenging COVID-19 situation, whilst successfully supporting clients’ critical business operations.

Malin React has now completed a major mobilisation for Helix Robotic Solutions on their Siem Dorado vessel in Blyth, involving the mobilisation of a trencher and WROV systems within a time-critical window. Whilst distancing did make the project trickier to complete, it was completed safely, on time and to the client’s needs.

Malin React’s team is available to deliver a host of services, from deployment planning, seafastening design and setting to work, to mobilisation, installation and discrete operations for your essential projects. We have in place our own strict protocols regarding COVID-19 working, both quayside and back-deck, with enhanced QHSE oversight to protect our staff and your project teams.

The other business units, spanning Malin Subsea, Workboats, Renewables, Hatches and Consult have similarly been able to support clients on critical projects across a number of engineering, project management and fabrication jobs.  This has included the design and fabrication of a jig to assist with production for a leading subsea engineering company, load testing structures in build, and entering into an exciting new partnership with NUI, which will result in the development of a lifeboat recovery system.

This month we have seen the threat of Covid-19 start to reduce and at the same time we have witnessed a willingness from our clients to return to more normal operations as soon as possible. So with this in mind we are delighted to announce the re-scheduled date for our clients to visit the BWC Bawat containerised ballast water treatment system. This field trip is now planned for 17th June and the location will be Kallo (near Antwerp). Several clients have already accepted this invitation which offers the chance to see the single pass treatment system in operation.

Interest in our port based treatment solution has continued to grow this month. Offshore support vessels, platform supply vessels and port service companies now believe that ballast water treatment in port is a realistic option with the BWC Bawat single pass treatment system.

We wish everyone safe times ahead as we manage the transition from lockdown back to a more normal working environment.

With lockdown now slightly easing, we seem to be on a route back to ‘normality’. A parallel journey has also occurred at SMTP HQ, with the team progressing full steam ahead.

The month kicked off with a focus on planning – both for business modelling and remediation. We have been working behind the scenes to develop a business model to help us secure funding in the coming months and years. With a project of this scale, it is imperative to forecast the expected cost as early as possible, to enable the project team to develop a concise, considered and clear approach – and we have made real progress here.

Turning to remediation, our contractors, advised by our expert team member, Paul Dumble, have developed a detailed plan of action. This, we hope, will be in place next month.

Plan development was also the order of the day for the western portion of the site; here we have been working closely with GD Lodge, our architects and key partner, Stantec, to fully understand the possibilities for this area of the park. The results are really exciting, and we hope to be able to share some more on this in next month’s edition.

Lastly, we had some fun with a social competition, inviting kids to submit their ideas for the recreational area of the park – from cake shaped cafes and restaurants decked out like a ship, to an on-site circus and communal pool – we received some great ideas. Whilst we can’t promise that these will all make it in the final build, we will display all entries at the park and it was fantastic to see local engagement. And if you are struggling to keep your little ones (or indeed bigger ones) entertained – there is still time to submit your ideas

To find out more about the ongoing work at the site, future plans and opportunities, visit scotmtp.com

The Group also launched its Young Engineering Challenge, with the first task concentrating on pulleys. We had a great response across social media, with one of our winners featured above, Chloe, aged 12. Our next challenge, looking at bridges, has just launched – check out further details and how to apply on our Facebook page.

Last, and by no means least, we are now working on our third edition of the Heavylift Engineer. The publication is an impartial guide, produced and distributed by the group, free of charge, and aims to share good practice, heavy lift tips, book reviews and much more.

And there is still time to join hundreds of others who have downloaded and subscribed to  past editions – Sign up today to be emailed your free copy – plus, if you are interested in contributing to future editions, or have any feedback, please let us know.